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Many benefits for Israeli arms companies from Palestine occupation

Israeli arms companies are quick to point out their close association with the Israeli military, and the fact that many of their key development staff are active members of the military. Since much of the effort of the military has been the occupation of the West Bank and Golan Heights, and the blockade and attacks on Gaza, it follows that many of these staff have been integrally involved in the brutal occupation of the West Bank, and many of Israel’s incursions into Gaza and Lebanon.

Elbit Systems is Israel’s largest drones manufacturer and the world’s largest drone exporter. Elbit’s Chief Financial Officer, Joseph Gasper, was recently interviewed by Financial Times, claiming that Elbit’s employees with active involvement in the Israeli military gave it “quick feedback” on whether those systems were working and whether they needed addressing. Elbit is a part of the Israeli military, and the Israeli occupation is a testing ground and feedback mechanism for the development arm of the Israeli arms industry.

In a country where military, government, and arms company roles are a virtual revolving door, it is not hard to imagine that there are strong finanical incentives to suggest military solutions to political problems. Elbit Systems not only profits from sales to the Israeli military and occupation forces, it uses the “combat proven” experience it gains from attacks on Gaza dn the surveillance of the West Bank to promote arms sales worldwide.


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Revolving Door Puts British Politician into French Arms Company

Ann Taylor, former minister for defence equipment in the defated New Labour government of the UK, has been hired by Thales UK, the British arm of the giant French arms company Thales, according the the Guardian.

Thales habitually hires former politicians, according to the Guardian article. The Guardian article goes one to list a few.

As minister, Taylor had an active relationship with Thales, which is coventurer with Elbit Systems of Israel in the Watchkeeper project. She was reported here discussing the potential arming of the Watchkeeper drone:

”We are currently conducting analysis to investigate the contribution that an armed Watchkeeper UAV system could make in current and future operations as part of its routine capability planning process,” said Ann Taylor, minister for international defense and security, under questioning from Lord Lewis Moonie, former junior minister for science and technology in the Ministry of Defence. (Source)

Now Taylor works for the very company she was responsible for negotiating with only months ago.

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