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Hague in denial over arms sales to repressive regimes.

William Hague, the UK Foreign Secretary, has once again denied that the UK arms trade policy is deeply flawed. This is despite the fact that Britain’s ministry officials was actively promoting industry arms sales to the Qaddafi only days before Britain interfered allegedly in support of the democracy movement.

As well, the government has a long history of allowing, even supporting, arms sales to the Saudi dictatorship.

Liam Fox, the discredited UK Secretary of Defence, was a strong proponent of arms sales.

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Fox Arms Export Strategy Falters

Beleagured Defence Secretary Liam Fox was in trouble even before the current scandal. Fox was a promoter of increased arms sales to get Britain out of its current troubles. But demand for arms is down in current economic circumstances, and the Arab Spring has made it difficult to license exports to the region’s remaining dictators.

Britain’s Conservative government arms trade promoters were caught trying to flog arms to several of the Middle East’s dictators, just as the democratic movement exploded in several countries. Since then the government has been scrambling to minimise the impact of previous arms sales in the repression of democratic protesters, and the potential impact of sales that stalled at the last moment.

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Israeli Drone Sales Summarised

The website Neged Neshek has provided a summary of recent Israeli drone sales, from 2002 to the present. Neged Neshek is Israeli based, part of the resistance to Israeli militarism and the occupation of Palestine territories.

Israeli has become the leading country manufacturing and exporting ‘drones’, unmanned aerial vehicles.

Israeli arms companies have a long history of questionable arms sales, often selling arms to countries that even the US won’t export to. A recent sale to Georgia backfired, after helping to provoke a brushfire war between Georgia and Russia. But Israel picked itself up, and promptly made sales of their leading edge drone technology to the Russian security state.

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