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Canadian parts used in shot down drone

The Armenian Weekly recently reported that parts supplied by a Canadian company were found in a drone shot down over Nagorno Karabagh Republic in mid-September, 2011.

The part was a GPS antenna manufactured by Canadian firm Novatel, based in Calgary Alberta, which has offices in Texas. Novatel produces some products specifically directed at the UAV market. It was associated with a GPS splitter provided by GPS Source of Colorado. There isn’t any indication whether the Canadian parts were delivered from Canada or the US.

Drones are highly technological devices often put together from parts from many different firms around the world.

The Armenians and officials of Nagorno Karabagh complained to US officials that use of the parts might violate US arms export laws.

The drone is believed to be one manufactured or delivered as part of an Israel/Azeri joint venture, involving Elbit Systems.  It is believed to have been operated by Israelis.

An article in suggests that the drone was shot down by Russian forces, which wanted to send a message to Israel to stay out of Russian dominated areas or face sanctions.

Clearly there are many companies and countries complicit or directly profiting from arming states which are in a state of conflict with their neighbours.

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