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Elbit remotely controlled gun turrets used from Gaza to Brazil.

Elbit has also won a contract to provide the Brazilian military with ‘unmanned turrets’ for military vehicles, designed to by used in ‘asymetric warfare’. In other words terrorism, guerrilla warfare, or civil disobedience. Given that warfare isn’t a high risk in Brazil, the turrets would likely be used to quell civil disobedience or riots. In the Brazilian situation, I believe that ‘asymetric warfare’ is a code word for ‘riots’.

Elbit already supplies the turret to the Belgians, in a $58 million contract, involving General Dynamics.  In 2007 they announced sales of the turrets to Slovenia and Romania. In 2006  they sold them to Portugal.

These unmanned turrets appear to be remotely controlled turrets capable of firing cannons, machine guns, grenade launchers (presumably smoke or tear gas), and with sophisticated electronics for seeing and following targets.

Elbit claims to supply these turrets to all IDF battle tanks, including the Merkava. (Though in the IDF version they also fire missiles.) It claims that a version of the turret was used during the Israeli ‘disengagement’ from the Gaza Strip in 2005.

Presumably these turrets are available on a wide range of armoured vehicles that have been, or may be used, in the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza.

Presumably they could be operated as ‘remote sentinels’, similar to the device made by Samsung (described elsewhere here), which can guard and area and spray it with automatic weapons fire if desired. It isn’t clear if Elbit markets the turret for this purpose.

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Samsung Builds Weapons of Death

Korean consumer electronics giant Sumsung is also a weapons manufacturer. Samsung builds an automated sentry robot, which is able to fire a machine gun autonomously at intruders. It is used to guard areas and can detect a target and fire a weapon without reference to a human controller. See also Anyone approaching an area guarded by one of these needs a password, otherwise they will be shot at by a robotically controlled machine gun.

As someone who has occasionally purchased Samsung products, and been satisfied with them, this gives me pause. It hadn’t occurred to me that the Korean company would be a weapons manufacturer. I have additional concerns about the weapon it produces, which is one that further removes responsibility for a violent action from the operator. The search for a new computer printer to replace the aging Samsung laser printer we now have prompted me look at Samsung’s record on military sales.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Policy Paper #12, the South Korean arms industry is not very transparent, and few figures are available regarding the size and nature of the arms manufacturing industry there. In 1999 Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) was formed from Samsung Aerospace, Daewoo Heavy Industries and Machinery, and Hyundai Heavy Industries. It has been recognised as the Korean national defense company and provides a number of services and products (especially military aircraft) to the Korean Defence Department. (Source) It isn’t clear if it is partly owned by Samsung, but one presumes so.

According to Joongang Daily, South Korea was one of the top 12 countries that sold arms to Iraq before the Iraq War, violating UN sanctions.

Samsung Techwin, a subsidiary of Samsung, makes an armoured military vehicle. Also, a self propelled howitzer, amphibious assault vehicles, and other products. (Source)

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