East Sussex Machine Gun Manufacturer Manroy Engineering Expands

Manroy is an arms company with a manufacturing plant in Beckley, East Sussex, and a head office in Essex.

Manroy has added two companies that enable it to expand its range of weapons. One is Kent based RJL Engineering Services and the other is Base Enamellers, of Erith, Kent. Base Enamellers claims to have approvals for most major defence contractors, so is already an arms company. 50% of its income previously was from Manroy. Manager of the new Base (Manroy) enterprise will be Damon Batstone, once a manager at Thales, in Crawley.

The purpose is claimed to be to bring manufacturing of components in house for Manroy, and to reduce costs. It is also a move toward expanding its product range into ‘general purpose’ machine guns.

Manroy has begun a programme of expansion in recent years. Manroy  recently attempted to sell arms to Libya’s Colonel Qaddafi. At least one Manroy principal defended the attempt to sell weapons to the late Libyan dictator, claiming that Libya was at the time a favoured regime with the UK government.

Manroy is engaging ‘revenue professionals‘ to promote its business in North and South America, Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and Far East, however their Annual Report for 2012 does not specify who these ‘revenue professionals’ might be.





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