Great source for information on Israel-Canada armstrade links

Not long after beginning to research the links between arms trade links between Canada and Israel I ran across a previously overlooked paper by Kole Kilibarda, Canadian and Israeli Defense-Industrial and Homeland Security Ties-An Analysis, published online by the Surveillance Studies Centre of Queens University. This is an exhaustively researched paper for the period up to 2008.

I can’t do better than that. In future blog posts, I’ll refer to this paper and limit my own research to updating the the material in Kole Kilibarda’s paper. I urge anyone interested in the history of Canada Israel arms trade links, including drones, to refer directly to this paper. I will try to focus on specific elements of this relationship as it develops, and how the ongoing relationship influences Canada’s arms purchases and its sales and investments in the arms industry in Israel.

I’ll also spend more time exploring the American and British arms industries, especially their role in future Canadian drone purchases, both for the military and so called ‘civilian’ uses’*.

*Just as the civilian nuclear industry is a co-dependent part of the nuclear weapon’s industry, the civilian drones industry is integrally linked with the military drones industry, and other elements of the arms trade. They support each other. Civilian drone purchases support research into military drone technology.



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