General Dynamics adds to killing arsenal

General Dynamics has introduced a new machine gun to an arms market that seems to have boundless creativity when it comes to killing people. The new machine gun, which uses .338 ‘Norma Magnum’ cartridges, increases the lethality of the new machine gun compared to the 7.62 calibre machine guns commonly in use, according to General Dynamics.

The new machine gun is light enough to be carried, or can be mounted on vehicles, aircraft, or boats. Or, one can predict, it will someday be mounted on the pickup trucks which are ubiquitous in third world conflict zones. And with GD claiming low  production costs and .50 calibre firepower, this new machine gun will no doubt be in demand. Photographs of the guns apparently being used in an Afghanistan-like setting can be seen here.

It appears that the new lightweight machine gun will be produced in the US. It is interesting that the new machine gun is able to compete in the same markets as East Sussex machine gun maker Manroy. GD also maintains a facility in Hastings, East Sussex. According to internet sources, the new machine gun is intended to replace the heavy ‘M2’ design machine guns.

Despite the international focus on ‘weapons of mass destruction’, the vast majority of deaths in conflict zones result from small arms fire. This General Dynamics introduction is an unwelcome development in the effort to curb violence and conflict.


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