Montreal firm helps in training of Israeli pilots

Canadian arms companies and technology companies have many links with the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Because every large Israeli arms company is involved in the occupation, any company which deals with them is directly or indirectly involved in the occupation.

Montreal firm Presagis has announced a contract with Israeli arms company Elbit Systems. The amount of the contract was not announced. Presagis will provide a visual database for Elbit to use in its training centre for F-16 pilots. The ‘visualisation’ software will be based on Presagis’ product Vega Prime. Presagis has had an ongoing association with simulation for the F-16.

Presagis describes its core business as ‘modelling and simulation’ and ’embedded graphics’. The company claims to have 1000 customers worldwide including arms companies BAE Systems, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin.

Presagis has also sold its VEGA PRIME  product to Israeli Aerospace Industries, the Israeli government owned arms company.

Presagis actively markets its products to other arms companies and government departments. The company has provided products to the Israeli Air Force for training F-16 pilots.

The company also has a capability with respect to operator training for drone systems, although it is uncertain whether the company has sold any products for use in drones or drone operator training.

Presagis has a commercial link with Synergy of Tel Aviv, which appears to be a sales agent for Presagis. Synergy lists among its customers the Israeli arms companies Elbit Systems, IAI, Rafael, and others.

Synergy appears to be an enterprise of Synergy Integration of County Tyrone, Ireland.



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