Elbit Sytems teams with L-3 to bring remote killing station to Canada

Elbit Systems of Israel, and L-3 of the US have teamed up to create Canterra Solutions, a ‘Canadian’ company bringing  ‘solutions’ to Canada.

One of the the solutions it has on offer is a remote controlled killing station. The technology, known as the Dual Remote Weapon Station, is comprised of a 7.62 mm machine gun and a 40 mm cannon, mounted on a rotating turret and controlled remotely by an offsite operator. Presumably the turret will use L-3 imaging technology and perhaps Elbit communications technology. The Canterra weapon appears to be based on those already produced by Elbit and used by the Israeli military.

A video of the weapon, complete with heart pounding, testostrone fueled music, is available here, which will give you an idea of how it feels to be a Palestinian villager. The weapon appears to have been filmed at Camp Wainwright, or more likely, the Suffield base, both in Alberta.

The weapon appears NOT to have been showcased at CANSEC 2011, the Canadian arms and security trade show, although other Canterra, Elbit, and L-3 products were displayed. With the neoconservative Canadian government having expressed its willingness to spend on military hardware and get involved in conflicts abroad, international arms companies have descended on Canada to get a piece of the action, at a time when military spending in other western countries is down. The CANTERRA joint venture helps to cloak the venture in nationalism, disguising the foreign companies involved.

The company boasts about how quickly the remote weapons turret can be mounted on a Hummer or other vehicle.

It is clear that the weapon has been tested by the Canadian military, but it isn’t clear whether it has been purchased.


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