Elbit Systems Has Digital Army Contract with the Israeli Military

Israel has created a high tech, digitised ‘command and control’ network to defend its borders and maintain its control over the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Elbit Systems is the prime contractor for Israel’s ‘DAP’ system (Tzayad Digital Army Programme). DAP is a 10 year,$500 million programme funded by Israeli taxes and American subsidies. First launched in 2004 DAP has been deployed in the West Bank, Gaza, and along the Lebanon border.

Elbit calls DAP its ‘master programme for computerising all land force operations’.

It appears that the primary Elbit divisions working on DAP are Elbit Systems Land, and C4I Tadiran.

DAP links all levels and locations of the Israeli army into a single, secure system. (C4I)

DAP is being designed to deal with High Intensity Conflict (war) and Low Intensity Conflict (border defense, fighting insurgents, and ‘occupation duties’ in the occupied territories-ed).

It appears that one of the functions of DAP is to link soldiers and commanders in with the system of sensors arrayed on the ‘separation barrier’ (apartheid wall)  and along the border, using the ‘TORC2H’ system.

In 2010, Elbit Systems got a $298 million contract to the apply its DAP related technology to the Australian armed Forces.  According to Australia Defense Magazine, the Elbit bid had the advantage that  had been proven in service with the Israeli Defence Force.

(Thus, it appears the Australian government has made this contract because Elbit’s technology has had action with the Israeli military. Surely a motivator for the Israeli arms industry to continue to promote armed conflict with neighbours and the Palestinians. The Israeli military, government, and arms industry are closely interlinked. Many cabinet ministers become arms company officials, many arms company officials are former army officers and are still in the reserves).



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  1. #1 by Victor on October 8, 2012 - 15:01

    They didn’t win because their system was in service in Israel. They won because they underbid the other companies by 100M. Their system is a piece of crap and is not interoperable with anyone. They are behind schedule by 2 years in Australia. This article makes me laugh as they underbid and underperform just like ELBIT does everywhere. They are using Australia’s Army to fund their own system for use in Israel.

  2. #2 by wandering raven on October 10, 2012 - 20:17

    You seem to have direct knowledge about Elbit. Why not write up more about what you know about Elbit? Thanks.

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