Elbit Systems Expands Australian Sales

Elbit Systems, which has a fully owned subsidiary, Elbit Australia, has made made major inroads into the Australian military market.

Elbit Systems has been selling Australia Skylark drones since 2005, and in 2008 sold ‘several million dollars’ worth.

In 2010, Elbit Systems got a $298 million contract to the apply its DAP (Digital Army Programme) related command and control technology to the Australian armed Forces.  According to Australia Defense Magazine, the Elbit bid had the advantage that  had been proven in service with the Israeli Defence Force. According to Elbit CEO Joseph Ackerman, the Australian contract will likely lead to the system being acquired by other countries. Ackerman also claimed that the systems are in use by more than 20 other armies around the world, without naming them.

Britain’s BAE Systems has been awarded a $4.9 AUD million subcontract from Elbit Systems to upgrade 777 Australian military vehicles and prepare them to receive the new communications technology.

(Thus, it appears the Australian government has made this contract because Elbit’s technology has had action with the Israeli military. Surely a motivator for the Israeli arms industry to continue to promote armed conflict with neighbours and the Palestinians. The Israeli military, government, and arms industry are closely interlinked. Many cabinet ministers become arms company officials, many arms company officials are former army officers and are still in the reserves).


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