Elbit Systems, the largest private Israeli arms company, also owns 100% of Telefunken RACOMS, the German train technology company.

Telefunken RACOMS products include train communications equipment. It also acts as a conduit in Europe for related equipment from its Tadiran Communications and other Elbit subsidiaries.

Elbit acquired Telfunken RACOMS in 2004 for $25 million through its subsidiary Tadiran Communications. Telefunken RACOMS was a long time supplier to the German military. In 2006 it won a euro 19 million contract with the German military to supply (unspecified).

Telefunken RACOMS is based in Ulm, Germany.

In 2007, Telefunken RACOMS, acting for its owner Tadiran Communications, won a $100 million contract to provide radios to the Austrian military.

Also, in 2007, Telefunken RACOMS was working with Siemens on a high speed rail project in China, where Telefunken would provide the communications component.

In May, 2011, it was announced that Telefunken RACOMS had won a 1 million contract to provide radios to the Munich Metro.

It appears that the acquisition of Telefunken RACOMS added to the variety of military products that Elbit had to sell. It also provided a European portal for sales of products from Elbit’s Israeli companies.


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