Friendly Fire Deaths Expose NATO Drone Deception

The death of two US soldiers to friendly fire from their own drones, coupled with the revelations that US/NATO drone masters killed a family of civilians in Afghanistan exposes just how dishonest the NATO and US officials are with respect to drones.

Disregarding the morality of extra judicial assassination with drones of people viewed as enemies, these newly exposed events show that the concept of ‘precision attacks’ is outrageously incorrect. Whenever there has been a drone attack in Pakistan, there are always ‘unnamed military officials’ on hand to declare to the press that all of the targetted individuals were insurgents. Continuously they deny that civilians are killed or that there are ‘accidents’. It beggars belief that the ‘success rate’ of drone attacks would be so high, and the military is only able to maintain this illusion by controlling the information flow about these events.

Whether or not drones are capable of the pin point accuracy that their proponents claim, it is clear that the weakest link is in the ability of the drone controllers to identify and distinguish between targets. Clearly the ‘intelligence’ that manages the drones is unable to distinguish between the targets they want and the targets they don’t want. We should assume that this has always been the case, and that the military has covered over earlier tragedies by simply labelling the dead as ‘insurgents’ without any way for the public to know any different.


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