Marshall Land Systems Joins Israeli Arms Company in Joint Venture

Marshall Land Systems, of Cambridge UK, (CEO Peter Callaghan) has entered into a 50:50 joint venture agreement with Plasan of Israel, to design and manufacture armoured sytems for the British military.

Plasan (CEO Daniel Ziv) has previously worked on BAE’s Viking all-terrain vehicle and Boeing Chinook helicopters.

The plan is to initially produce the vehicles in Israel.

It isn’t clear whether any contracts with MOD have been signed.

Plasan is a private Israeli company owned by 100 families from Kibbutz Sasa, in northern Israel. The Wikipedia entry for Kibbutz Sasa says:

“The kibbutz was founded in January 1949 by a gar’in of North American Hashomer Hatzair members on the site of the Arab village of Sa’sa’, which was demolished by the Israeli Seventh Brigade and Oded Brigade on October 30, 1948. Sasa surrendered without resistance, and allegations of Israeli atrocities later surfaced. [1]Sa’sa’ had served as headquarters of the Arab Liberation Army[citation needed] before the Battle of Sasa.[2] Many of the villagers from Sa’sa live in Naher al-Barid, a refugee camp in Lebanon,[3]although some resettled in nearby Jish.”

Plason has manufacturing facilities in Israel, France and the US. Among its primary customers are the Israeli military.

In January, 2010, Plasan won more that $1 billion in work providing armour add ons for suppliers to the US military.

In 2006, Plason won a multi million pound contract to provide armour for the RAF’s Boeing helicopters.


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