Israeli arms companies benefit at expense of American taxpayers

Israeli companies appear to have gotten guarantees billions of dollars in contracts in the building and maintenance of  the F-35 jets that Canada is set to acquire in a no bid contract with Lockheed Martin.

They got these guarantees by agreeing to purchase 20 of the fighters, outdistancing companies from countries like Canada that had agreed earlier to purchase the fighters.

Canada meanwhile appears got fewer guarantees of significant contracts and jobs, despite agreeing to purchase billions of dollars of jets.

‘Globes’ an Israeli online business news agency reported that Israel had might get contracts worth 180% of the value of its intended purchases while Canada, which invested$650 million up front in developing the jet, and ordered nine billion dollars worth of the jets, got contracts totalling only 75% of the value of the orders.

Furthermore, the cost of the Israeli purchases will be borne by the US taxpayer, while the contracts will go to private Israeli companies with close links to the government, like IAI, and Elbit Systems.

Indeed, Elbit is slated to get contracts totalling $2 billion, the biggest winner.


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