Watchkeeper Drone Introduced at Farnborough

The UK introduced its new Israeli designed, Israeli tested, and mostly Israeli made, Watchkeeper drone at the Farnborough Air show in July,  2010. Elbit Systems, core designer of the Watchkeeper drone, tests most of its drones from an airport in the occupied Golan Heights in deference to Israel citizens who don’t tolerate  potentially crash prone test drones over their own airspace. (In a concession to UK Labour Party sensibilities, the Watchkeeper drone was tested only over territory  occupied in 1948). Costing more than a billion pounds, the Watchkeeper programme has provided the UK with up to date Israeli drone technology, battle tested over the occupied territories of Palestine.

Elbit Systems, with close ties to the Israeli government and the Israeli military, has been a key supplier to the apartheid wall.
Yet the public unveiling of the Watchkeeper drone was barely noted by either the anti war movement, or the Palestine Solidarity movement.

A sign of the deep integration of the Israeli military industrial complex into the NATO defence system, Watchkeeper slipped past the anti war movement, even as the Israeli navy gunned down peace activists in the eastern Mediterreanian.

Not only do drone sales finance the proliferation of drone technology in Israel, Israel has shown itself willing to sell its drone technology widely, to more than a dozen countries. Israeli drone sales to Georgia, part of a massive sale of arms to that country, helped to spark the recent flash war with Russia.

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