Iron Dome boondoggle gets extra US funding.

In May, 2010 Haaretz reported that the US Congress had okayed a Obama decision to grant Israel USD204 million in aid to build Iron Dome batteries. This would be in addition to the USD 3 Billion in military aid that the US grants Israel each year. The vast majority of members of Congress voted in favour of the measure (400-4), with little debate.

This despite no compelling evidence that Iron Dome will accomplish anything useful. Is this just another US government subsidy to the powerful people in both the US and Israeli military establishments, which tend to benefit financially and in other ways from continuously large military expenditures? In both countries there is a revolving door between the armed forces and the arms industry, as well as government itself. Particularly in Israel, former armed forces personnel enrich themselves as members of the burgeoning arms industry. Many of these maintain their connections in the Israeli military, possibly as a way to stay in touch with the military establishment.
As pointed out by a comment writer to Haaretz, Iron Dome missiles cannot protect Israeli communities near the Israeli border, because missiles launched from Gaza or Lebanon take as little as 14 seconds between launch and landing, while the Iron Dome interceptor missiles take much longer to intercept. Furthermore the interceptor rockets cost as much as $100,000 each while the Qassam rockets and similar cost only a few dollars. So using Iron Dome can quickly bankrupt the Israeli military, while enriching the arms company which supplies Iron Dome technology.
Iron Dome seems to be another of a series of boondoggles perpetrated on the Israeli people by their military/industrial cabal.


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