Did they test Watchkeeper over Galilee or over the Occupied Golan Heights?

The Jewish Chronicle reported in 2008 that Britain caused a furore when it demanded that the Watchkeeper be tested  over Galilee, from the Rosh Pina airfield, rather than over occupied territory, citing the inappropriateness of testing the drone over occupied territory. Initial testing had *already* occured at Pik Airfield in the Golan Heights. Local people in the Galilee area complained over the possibility of  noise and safety concerns.

But where did the later tests actually take place?

The Jewish Chronicle also quoted BaronessNeville-Jones, Conservative shadow defence minister, who was visiting the Golan Heights:

“We were very impressed by what seemed to us an excellent example of co-operation between the Israeli defence establishment and Her Majesty’s armed forces. Everything seemed to be working well and there was no indication that anyone was planning a change of venue.”

JC noted that the Israeli foreign ministry declined to comment.

So did the test actually not take place over Galilee?  The JC article seems to  leave that possibility open.

Subsequent articles in other publications state that the test flights took place at Megiddo airport.


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