Israel Exports the Security State

Jeff Halpern in this excellent YouTube video makes the point that Israel is specialising in exporting the technology of the security state.

Israel has demonstrated the capacity to pacify the Palestinian people, using technology and systematic repression, to the extent that Palestinians are barely able to resist as their land is taken away from them. This is a marketable technology which is being sold around the world.

From surveillance equipment to drones, from security consulting to prison management, Israeli companies are expanding sales widely in this area. Many of the entrepreneurs are former IDF or Mossad managers who have close links with the Israeli government.

Some examples: Elbit Systems is a joint contractor on the wall being built along the US boundary with Mexico. Elbit and other drones companies promote their drones based on their capacity to be used to deal with domestic disturbance.

As soon as Brasil had won the right to hold the 2016 Winter Olympics, the Prime Minister of Israel visited Brasil to promote the sale of Israeli security equipment.

Israel has special exchange programmes with police forces around the world. Not only do the visits to Israel help to sell Israel’s position with respect to the Palestinians, but the visits are marketing opportunities for Israel’s security exports.

Israeli police are also invited to the US and elsewhere to train police in Israeli techniques.


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