Use of Drones in Operation ‘Cast Lead’, Gaza

Until 2009 Israeli drone use in Gaza and the West Bank was shrouded in secrecy. Small, quiet, and flying at high altitude, drones were often unseen by people on the ground. Militants reported many attacks where explosions were preceeded by cell phones going dead, suggesting interference caused by drones. Attacks by drones were seen as fairly accurate and devasting. For example this article.

How then does one explain the large numbers of civilians including children who were killed in drone attacks during ‘Operation Cast Lead”?

‘Precisely Wrong’ a report of Human Rights Watch reported 42 drone attacks that killed 89 people in all.

Human Rights Watch said:

Israeli forces failed to take all feasible precautions to verify that these targets were combatants, as required by the laws of war, or that they failed to distinguish between combatants and civilians.”

Here or HERE is a Guardian video documentary of drone use in Operation ‘Cast Lead’, the December 2009 attack by Israeli forces on Gaza, in which it is clearly shown that drones have clear visibility of their targets, but were used to kill non combatants nevertheless.

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