Elbit and the European Union

Elbit Systems has sold drones (andk perhaps other equipment) to many member countries of the EU, including the UK, France, NetherlandsXXXX.

Elbit Systems and Thales international have, through their joint venture company UTacsS, have provided the 850 million pound Watchkeeper Programme for the UK.

War Resistors International had this to say about Elbit and the EU:

Using the pretext of fighting terrorism, the EU has decided in recent years that arms companies are eligible to receive funding for “security research”. Ten of the 45 initial projects described by the EU as “security research” have involved Israeli companies, academic or state institutions.
Elbit, the largest private arms company in Israel, is taking part in a project called CAPECON (Civil Applications and Economical Effectivity of Potential UAV Configurations). Its objective is to deliver a blueprint for flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in civilian airspace by 2015.
(War Resisters International)

Israel`s memebership in CAPECON shows just how deeply the Israeli government and Israel`s arms industry is integrated into the institutional framework of the EU. Here`s what the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign found out about Elbit and EU scientific funding.

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