Israel’s integration into NATO

After decades of military subsidies and arms imports from the US, Israel’s military has a high degree of interoperability with the US and NATO. As a burgeoning arms manufacturer and arms trader Israel this linkage is increasing. For example, because Israel has a state of the art drone industry, battle tested repressing Palestinians in the West Bank, Israeli drones are becoming a staple of many NATO armouries including the UK, Canada, and Australia.

While it is understandable that NATO member countries might want to guarantee Israel’s security, there is no consequent pressure on Israel to address its repression of Palestinians. Indeed, the military integration of Israel and its arms industry into western ‘defences’ provides crucial support for the militarists in the Israeli government, and undermines completely any intended diplomatic efforts in other areas.

Some questions:

How integrated are Israeli and NATO militaries?

What agreements provide for Israeli/NATO cooperation and interoperability?

How often are Israeli trainers used in NATO, and vice versa?

Do Israeli companies use experiences repressing Palestinians to sell arms?

  1. #1 by zvi gross on November 3, 2010 - 06:08

    You have such a myopic vision when it comes to Israel, that is practically laughable, if it wouldn’t be so sad. Can you imagine Israel being disarmed, or you also believe that Israel’s six million populace has no right to exist?
    How about writing about Elbit’s medical breakthroughs that may save your life tomorrow?.O Israel’s expertize in desalination and solar energy projects etc. You benefit from Israel daily, what benefit do you derive from Hamas, Hezbollah and the likes?

    • #2 by wandering raven on November 3, 2010 - 13:41

      By the way, Zvi, you seem to be confusing Elbit Imaging the medical imaging and real estate company, with Elbit Systems, the arms company. To the best of my knowledge they are entirely separate entities.

      I’m unaware of any net contribution of Elbit Systems to humanity. They are arms proliferators, and build systems that help to keep people subjugated.

      Keep reading my blog, I try to inform.

      My goal is to work for peace and justice for ALL people.

  2. #3 by wandering raven on November 3, 2010 - 13:06

    Israel is presently the only country in the world permitted by the international community to expand its territory by force. We stopped Indonesia in East Timor, we stopped Serbia in Bosnia and Kosovo.

    Are you suggesting that we should have supported Nazi Germany because of its contributions to rocketry and medical science?

    When you appeal to logic you should be more careful about what’s its implications are for your own position.

    Israel is the product of narrow ninteenth century nationalistic ideas that are outmoded. Jews and Arabs, and all peoples, have a right to safe places to live and thrive.

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