Canada Israeli Security Arrangement

Canada has developed a close security arrangement with Israel, developing the Canada Israel Security Agreement, under the shepherding of Public Security Minister Stockwell Day. This agreement was completed and signed during a visit to Israel and the occupied territories by Day in 2007.

It is curious that this agreement was necessary, because it doesn’t seem to have been necessary to have such a broad reaching agreement before that. The agreement is said by Michel Chossudovsky to be modelled on the agreement negotiated between US Homeland Security and the Israeli government. Indeed, Chossudovsky noted that the agreement was signed in Israel at the same time that VP Cheney and other US public security officials were in Israel, leaving the likelihood that the Canadian delegation simply followed the American model.

It appears that the agreement is simply part of a broad policy of Conservative government to provide even more support for the Israeli government, and falling in line with US policy, even while claiming to favour peace and the end of settlements. How can Canada claim to pressure Israel to stop the settlement building process and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homeland while meanwhile increasing support and cooperation with one of the institutions used by Israel to repress Palesinians?

Why does Canada need a public security agreement with Israel, a country with which it share no common borders? Does Canada have similar agreements with other small countries?

What other agreements are there?

For example, the Canada Israel Free Trade Agreement. Note: Does the Canada Israel Free Trade Agreement allow Israel to sell to Canada goods manufactured in the West Bank in settler communities?

Is this part of a broader Canadian policy to support Israel, for example by buying Israeli military hardware?

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