Canada and Australia support Israeli drone program

Recently Australia has received a Heron drone and training in operating Heron drones from Canada. This is a bit perplexing, since one wonders why Australia doesn’t get its drones straight from Israel.

The drones are presumably acquired through the partnership between Israel Aerospace Industries and MacDonald Dettwiler of Canada, which has an operation at Suffield Alberta, where it tests UAVs and trains operators for the drones that Canada has acquired from Israel.

Australia appears to have plans to acquire more drones, and the fact that they are already using a Heron drone suggests that future drones may also be acquired from Israel, providing support for the Israeli arms industry.

Australian drone operators are being absorbed into the Canadian Heron UAV detachment at Kandahar Afghanistan.

More information here.


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  1. #1 by Raymond Strachan on October 16, 2009 - 03:42

    I always get a kick out of the designation “Land of thew Free and Home of The Brave. Of course that is Americana at it best. Why do I see things that I wish I didnt. Why when I hear about “Our Best and Brightest” “Best and Bravest” Our Canadian Military bravely fighting for their country, OUR FREEDOM. Jeezus Krist. A frigging AMERICAN WAR OPF MURDER. Oh Yes 911. Any one with a brain out there. Watch the Towers come donw , even Number4 7 that WAS NOT TOUCHED WITH VIOLENCE, They aLL came down right on their lot. Systematic Interior Wiring. Now we Canadians are in complicity to Murder because every person killed since 911 was killed because of False Rotten Lies emenating from The Land of The Free and The home of the brave. Which brings me to another point. We fight with Drone Aircraft, Pilotless,Cowardly for of murdering innocent civilions. When Canadian troops are engaged in hand to hand combat, they call in American Air Strikes. What do0 Americans say about the Iraqi and Afghgan Fighters “WALL THEY AINT VGONNA FIGHT US MAN TO MAN” LIke I say JEEZUS KRIST. Personally I dont EAT FECES. Why, Because I am unfortunate enough to have the ability to THINK.

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