Canada supports Israeli drone programme

With its purchase of Israeli UAV’s from Israeli Aerospace Industries and its Canadian partner MacDonald Dettwiler, Canada has given a big cash injection to the Israeli drone industry, which has also benefitted from large purchases and agreements from the United Kingdom military.

Arms sales are a major source of foreign exchange and income for Israel. Foreign sales provide investment capital for new weapons development. These new weapons developed by Israel are subsequently used by the Israeli Defense Forces to repress Palestinians living in the West Bank. As well, they are exported to trouble spots throughout the world, (for example the recent sales of weapons to the Republic of Georgia).

Israel has a long history of troublesome arms sales, having in the past armed Iran under the Shah *and* the revolutionary government, having armed the Argentine junta which invaded the Falklands, having armed Ethiopia to fight western backed resistance movements. It has armed and supplied a past dictatorship in Cameroun. It is supplied missiles to China and has been selling missiles to India.

By making arms purchases from Israel,  Canada and the United Kingdom invigorate and help to develop the Israeli arms industry in general and stimulate production of new weapons. Prosperity in the Israeli arms industry strengthens the role of the military, and those who opt for military solutions to Israel’s various conflicts. In this way Canada and the UK directly contribute to the repression of the Palestine people, to continued ethnic cleansing, and to the continued intransigence of Israel with respect to UN resolutions demanding that they leave the illegally occupied territories.

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