Meggitt Defense Systems

Meggitt Defence Systems has an office in Medicine Hat Alberta, managed by Spence Fraser, which is dedicated to unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and target systems. Meggitt Defence products include drones, ammunition handling systems, and many more military oriented devices. It is a subsidiary of Meggitt PLC, a UK based multinational. Its products are found on the Abramsmain battle tank, the Stryker mobile gun system, the F-16, the F/A-18 Hornet, the AC 130 Spectre gunship, and the AH 64D Apache gunship. (Source) Many of these weapons have been exported to Israel, and are used in the suppression of the occupied territories. Many are also used in conflict zones where the US operates, such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

These are some of the most deadly and devasting weapons of destruction on earth. Meggitt provides crucial weapons systems for them, primarily systems for loading the ammunition into the weapons. In 2007 Meggitt had revenues of £878 million, and 6,000 employees, based at least partly in Bournemouth, UK.

6 October, 2008 MDS received a contract from General Dynamics to provide ammunition handling systems for its Stryker Mobile Gun Systems. This system has been used a great deal in Iraq.  (Source)

Presumably MDS’s main reason for being involved in the Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems is its drone target business, however it may be expanding into the booming UAV industry.

MDS offers training at Medicine Hat, AB, for Canadian Forces personnel to use the Vindicator UAV. The UAV industry is seen as an economic development generator for the region of SE Alberta. (source)

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