MacDonald Dettwiler downplays coventure with Israel Aero Industries

MacDonald Dettwiler has developed a coventure with Israel Aerospace Industries, producers of the Heron UAV (drone). MDA has developed a UAV ‘centre of excellence’, at Suffield Alberta (presumably on the Suffield Air Weapons Range (check current name). This centre, ARDEA,will provide research, development, services and training for MDA’s foray into the field of UAV’s.

The Heron is a ‘MALE’ system, medium altitude lone endurace, therefore suited to both civilian and military uses. While ARDEA’s webside plays down the military applications of this technology, the service and training contract that MDA has with the military, and the fact that the Centre is located at Suffield betrays the fact that the Heron is in large part a military machine.

The ARDEA site also downplays the role and nature of Israel Aerospace Industries, listing it simply by its acronym IAI, and describing it simply as a large aerospace corporation and Israel’s largest industrial corporation, making no mention of its role as Israel’s largest arms manufacturer.


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