Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems (CCUVS)

The Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems (CCUVS) is a joint venture of  MacDonald Dettwiler, Canadian Forces Base Suffield, DRDC Suffield. Launched in March 2006, its purpose is provide services for an incipient Canadian UAV industry, at CFB Suffield, with offices in nearby Medicine Hat, Alberta. (It describes itself as: “an international hub for the design, development, testing, evaluating and commercialization of unmanned vehicle systems.”

Facilities at the site will be available for both civilian and military purposes (although the military connection is downplayed-ed) Local MP Monte Solberg, of Medicine Hat waxed poetic about the benefits of the UAV program for Medicine Hat, noting that graduates of Medicine Hat College were now working for arms companies like Meggitt (Defense Systems).

There is a year long pilot study by MDA and IAI at the Suffield testing range to trial the Israeli MALAT Heron UAV. The drone is being offered to third parties to test their payloads. (Note: This is a bit of salesmanship on the part of IAI, who get a chance to introduce their drone to local civilian users, thereby preempting competitors). This is a reference with much information about CCUVS.

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