L-3 Wescam of Burlington, Canada arms supplier to conflict zones

L-3 Wescam, of Burlington Ontario, is an arms exporter that produces, among other things,  ‘web cam’ like imaging equipment, (including laser finding and targeting) for military aircraft, including drones. A key product is an imaging turret for use on the nose of aircraft, manned or unmanned. Their web site:

L-3 Wescam is the result of the September, 2002 acquisition of Wescam by L-3 Communications of the US (formerly Titan Corp). Before that the Canadian company had difficulty in getting large contracts with US arms contractors. Source

One product of the Burlington plant is the MK-20 imaging system, which has been deployed on several types of aircraft, including Predator drones in use in Afghanistan and Iraq. L-3 Wescam’s XL-20; Expanded Cababilities for Expanded Missions, In:

The company appears to be strongly oriented to the US market, both for surveillance under homeland security, and selling parts for advanced American weaponry. The company works with General Atomics of the US, to produce drones for the Iraqi airforce. Press release from General Atomics:

In 2006 there was a protest at the Burlington plant, drawing attention to the use of L-3 imaging equipment on Predator drones, armed with Hellfire missiles. Excellent write-up:

The protest flyer claims that (Industry Canada as the source) L3 Westcam products end up in such human rights violators as: Colombia, Egypt, Algeria, China, Iran, Libya, Saudia Arabia, U.S., and U.K Source



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  1. #1 by Kevin Field on March 3, 2011 - 16:23

    For the last part of your post, I found http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-isenberg/the-government-made-me-do_b_557054.html on L-3 Services Group ( http://www.l-3com.com/divisions/overview.aspx?id=82 )’s involvement in interrogation. The case was dropped against them, but apparently the dropping of said case was quite fishy. Cheers.

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