Canada’s role in the arms trade

There are myriad ways that Canada and Canadian companies contribute to the arms trade. Few modern technologically based weapons are made exclusively from the resources and technology of one country. Rather they are assembled from the parts, expertise, and resources of many countries. While Canada is a relatively small arms exporter compared to other countries, the amounts are not insubstantial. Furthermore, because the NAFTA free trade agreement with the US reduces the reporting of exports, some arms trade exports are not well recorded, and a great deal of material exported from Canada probably ends up in weapons manufactured and exported from the US.

I believe that the majority of the arms trade originating in Canada probably falls into the following categories:

  1. Depleted uranium fuel exported to the US and subsequently used in DU weapons.
  2. Direct exports (of which the biggest categories are small arms ammunitions, and armoured vehicles)
  3. Other material used in weapons that is exported to other countries, possibly without the exporter being aware of the intended ultimate use.

This article is a ‘stub’ that will be expanded, with references.

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