Israeli exhibitors at DESI

This morning I researched the Israeli exhibitors at the Clarion events arms show DESI 2009.

AITech Systems is a producer of rugged computer parts for the defence industry. It is an American multinational, with offices in Herzlia, Israel.

ITL Optronics provides laser pointing devices (for locking on targets among other things), night vision equipment, and advanced fire control systems(not ‘fire’ control, but ‘weapons firing control’. It has 120 employees, and is based in Petach Tikva, Israel.

Beth El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries appears to provide primarily medically related products.

OSG Oran Safety Glass produces safety glass, including blast resistant glass for military vehicles.

Plason Sasa provides armour for military planes, helicopters, tanks, other vehicles and soldiers. It produces armour for Blackhawk helicopters. Its base is the Kibbutz Sasa, CEO Dan Ziv.  There is an extensive article on Plason Sasa in Defense News, 14 August, 2006. Definitely worth a read.  This company’s products would have been used in combat in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Lebanon.

Rabintex is primarily a producer of protection equipment for military and security forces.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is a Haifa based company which appears to produce missile systems, air to air, ground to air, air to ground. Rafael’s product don’t kill, they ‘facilitate solutions’, ‘facilitate integration’, ‘transform’.  (needs more research)

Soltam Systems produce mortars, artillery, and ammunition. Based in Yokneam, Israel. One of its most recent contracts was with the Indian army, to upgrade artillery and provide ammunition.

Some large Israeli arms companies aren’t listed, perhaps because they haven’t registered yet.



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