Bloodwash is what governments, arms companies, and the people who own and work for them, do to cover over their guilt.

Bloodwash takes a number of forms. For example, it’s as basic as calling the Department of War the Department of ‘Defence’. It’s the practise of reframing aggression with terms like ‘Peace through strength’. ‘Newspeak’, whereby violent and destructive practises are renamed with benign terms and phrases to disguise or obliterate the true nature of the practise.

It’s the practise of arms companies of making themselves look like normal and positive members of the community  through community involvement, sponsorships, and similar practises.

Hopefully subsequent posts will identify and dissect some of these practises. I encourage anyone who is following this blog to contribute examples of ‘bloodwash’ that they find.



  1. Bloodwash « Bristol Against Arms Trade

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